Practices of Experimentation

Practices of Experimentation

Research and Teaching in the Arts Today

The latest yearbook of the Department of Art and Media at Zurich University explores how practices of experimentation are implemented within the department.



Title Information

Edited by the Departement Art & Media. Compiled by Giaco Schiesser and Christoph Brunner

1st edition

, 2012

Text English and German


500 pages, 22 color and 67 b/w illustrations

13 x 21 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-259-9

Yearbook 4 Department of Art & Media, Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK


At the Department of Art and Media at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), which comprises the undergraduate specializations of fine arts, photography, media arts, and theory along with a master’s program anchored by two research institutes, experimentation lies at the heart of creative research and teaching. The fourth yearbook of the department explores how practices of experimentation are implemented in one of the most renowned arts departments worldwide and investigates how the various fields – of teaching, research, theory, and practice – interlace, inspire, and inform one another. 

In seventeen essays by theorists and artists inside and outside the department, as well as through images, this work considers how practices of experimentation unfold and how they affect artistic creation, the relationship between art schools and society, the production of knowledge, and the particularities of inter- and trans-disciplinary teaching and research in the arts.

Compiled by Christoph Brunner and Giaco Schiesser, Practices of Experimentation features essays by Ute Meta Bauer; Elke Bippus, Jörg Huber, and Roberto Nigro; Andres Bosshard; Christoph Brunner; Heiner Goebbels; knowbotiq and Felix Stalder; Franziska Koch and Maria Eichhorn; Thomas Müllenbach; Marianne Mueller and Carrie Buckles; Gerald Raunig; Nils Röller; Christoph Schenker and Hannes Rickli; Giaco Schiesser; Klaus Schönberger and Roberto Nigro; Riikka Tauriainen; Germán Toro-Pérez; and Richard Wentworth.

Authors & Editors

Christoph Brunner

Departement Kunst & Medien DKM

Department of Art & Media

Giaco Schiesser