When You Travel in Iceland You See a Lot of Water

When You Travel in Iceland You See a Lot of Water

A Travel Book

Here artists Roman Signer and Tumi Magnússon reflect on life, travel, and the production of art.


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Title Information

Roman Signer and Tumi Magnússon. Edited and with photographs by Barbara Signer and Michael Bodenmann

2nd edition

, 2011

Text English and German


64 pages, 33 colour illustrations

15 x 21 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-299-5


Iceland’s remote location and unforgiving climate may seem like insurmountable obstacles for visitors. But for a certain strain of traveler—awed by the rough landscape, the shooting geysers, and the volcanic craters—the first visit to Iceland is just the start of a long love affair with the island nation. Swiss artist Roman Signer (*1938) is just that sort of traveler. Signer has been traveling to the “land of fire and ice” for years, drawing inspiration from the terrain for a number of his photographic and video projects.

When You Travel in Iceland You See a Lot of Water is Signer’s love letter to Iceland’s harsh charms. Created in conjunction with Icelandic artist Tumi Magnússon (*1957), his close friend and frequent traveling companion, the book mixes personal snapshots with anecdotes, reminiscences, and humorous observations about travel, the natural world, the differences between Switzerland and Iceland, and—as with any conversation between artists—the difficulties of making art, no matter where one calls home. When You Travel in Iceland You See a Lot of Water is thus a travel book unlike any other, one whose authors simultaneously invite you along on a journey and extend a hand in friendship.


The book received an award from the Stiftung Buchkunst in the 2010 competition Most Beautiful Books from Germany.


Designed by Michael Bodenmann.

Authors & Editors

Michael Bodenmann

Tumi Magnússon

Barbara Signer

Roman Signer


«A precious travel companion that neatly conveys a sense of the magic held within this unique country.» Sarah Cotterll, HotShoe International