Gillian White

Gillian White

Dance in Steel. 40 Years' Work

This book focuses on the public sculptures and art-in-architecture works of British-born sculptor Gillian White.



Title Information

Edited by Sabine Altorfer, Uli Däster, Jochen Hesse, and Frieda Vogt-Baumann. With texts by Sabine Altorfer, Anne Blonstein, Uli Däster, Jochen Hesse, Erica Pedretti, and Frieda Vogt-Baumann

1st edition

, 2009

Text English and German


168 pages, 124 color and 30 b/w illustrations

29.5 x 26 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-251-3


British-born sculptor Gillian White has gained wide recognition for her monumental steel sculptures, the majority of them commissioned for public spaces in Switzerland. White’s unique contribution to contemporary Swiss sculpture has never been examined until now. Gillian White focuses on her public sculptures and her art-in-architecture works, as well as her paintings and small, playful sculptures. Born in 1939 in Orpington, England, White was first educated as a dancer at the Elmhurst School for Dance, and many of her abstract shapes reflect her lifelong interest in contemporary dance. The many rich images of her precisely composed works are complemented by critical essays and personal texts by art writers and contemporaries, including Anne Blonsetin, Uli Däster, Jochen Hesse, Erica Pedretti, and Frieda Vogt-Baumann. Gillian White is a beautiful introduction to the oeuvre of one of Europe’s most significant contemporary sculptors.

Authors & Editors

Sabine Altorfer

Anne Blonstein

Uli Däster

Jochen Hesse

Erica Pedretti

Frieda Vogt-Baumann