Klaus Born – Malerei

Klaus Born – Malerei

Klaus Born—Malerei is a record of the Swiss artist Klaus Born’s life and work over the past twenty-five years, featuring abundant color illustrations and essays by scholars Magnaguagno and Omlin. – Out of print. Remainder copies available from the publisher.



Title Information

Essays by Sibylle Omlin and Guido Magnaguagno

2nd edition

, 2008

Text English and German


124 pages, 73 color and 24 b/w illustrations

21 x 27 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-226-1


The elusive Swiss artist Klaus Born (*1945) is so protective of his privacy that he has never allowed any of the galleries mounting exhibitions of his work to produce catalogs or comment on his art. Now, Born’s abstract canvases, luminous in their palettes and breathtaking in their violent linearity, can be seen for the first time in print. Klaus Born—Malerei records Born’s life and work of the past twenty-five years with abundant color illustrations and essays by scholars Guido Magnaguagno and Sibylle Omlin.
Born in a small village in the Swiss mountains, Born trained as a teacher and bookseller in Zürich during the 1960s. He turned to art in 1972 and went to the Zurich College of Art for his education in drawing, etching, and painting. Magnaguagno and Omlin trace Born’s career from his first, realistic drawings, brimming with aggressive force, to his later large-scale abstract work, which revolutionized the use of line in painting. In his inimitable “artist’s books,” also represented here, Born painted over already-printed texts with his signature brushstrokes. This stunning retrospective of Born’s work is crucial reading for anyone interested in European art and abstract painting.

Authors & Editors

Guido Magnaguagno

Sibylle Omlin