Call and Response

Call and Response

George Steinmann im Dialog

“I not only want to respond with my art, but enable networks of relationships. I am interested in dialogue and cooperation.” George Steinmann



Title Information

Edited by Helen Hirsch. With contributions by Helen Hirsch, Anu Liivak, Selma Dubach, Rachel Mader, Hans-Rudolf Reust, Christoph Schenker, and Anja Seiler

1st edition

, 2014

Text English and German


120 pages, 94 color and 22 b/w illustrations

22 x 31 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-446-3

In cooperation with Kunstmuseum Thun


George Steinmann, artist, musician and researcher, is recognized as an eminent intermediary between art and the sciences in Switzerland. For many years he has been investigating the relation between ecology and aesthetics. Many of Steinmann’s works are created in a lengthy process and often involve other artists and scientists working on trans-disciplinary projects.

Call and Response presents George Steinmann’s thinking and working methods and analyses the development of his oeuvre and his collaboration with other disciplines. The second part of the book features selected works from the past thirty years and discusses them in context of today’s artistic discourse.

Authors & Editors

Selma Dubach

Helen Hirsch

 is an art historian and director of Kunstmuseum Thun in Switzerland.

Anu Liivak

Rachel Mader

Hans-Rudolf Reust

Christoph Schenker

Anja Seiler