Structures as system of relations guide the approach of leading Italian firm Labics



Title Information

Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori. Edited and with an interview by Stefano Casciani

1st edition

, 2018


416 pages, 271 color and 342 b/w illustrations

23 x 31 cm

ISBN 978-3-03860-128-9


Labics, based in Rome, is a leader among Italy’s up-and-coming architecture firms and has gained great international acclaim for submissions to competitions and a number of realized projects. This first-ever monograph on Labic’s fast growing, impressive body of work features some twenty of their designs, representing the entire range of the firm’s achievements. The selection comprises housing and office buildings, museums and cultural centers, schools, public spaces, and subway stations, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finnland, Iran, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and the UK. All are documented with atmospheric photographs and a wealth of plans and diagrams to illustrate concept and many details of each project.

Structure, in a variety of notions of the term, is guiding Labics’ approach. Consequently, the book is arranged in five chapters exploring geometric, bearing, circulation, public space, and urban and territorial structures in topical essays. This provides the frame for the featured projects, all of which exemplify the importance of the respective type of structure for Labics’ work.


Designed by PIN (Samuel Bänziger, Rosario Florio, Larissa Kasper).


Named one of the Most Beautiful German Books 2019.

Authors & Editors

Stefano Casciani

Maria Claudia Clemente

Francesco Isidori