City Cut Off

City Cut Off

Alexander Rosenkranz 2015–2020

Berlin, Dakar, Detroit, Dubai, London, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Oslo, Paris, Zurich: an artistic reflection on the city as background of contemporary architecture


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Title Information

Edited and with photographs by Alexander Rosenkranz. With texts by Ludovic Balland and Andy Rankin

Limited edition of 100 numbered and signed copies

, 2021

Texts English, French, and German

Ringbound in hardcover with color and blind embossing

190 pages, 81 b/w illustrations

29.7 x 42 cm

ISBN 978-3-03860-190-6

In cooperation with Institute of Book Arts, HGB Leipzig


Berlin native and artist Alexander Rosenkranz sees the city as a kind of stencil for his visual investigation of contemporary architecture. Between 2015 and 2020, he produced around 1,500 photographs taken in eleven large cities on four different continents. Captured from an elevated viewpoint and in portrait-format on black-and-white film, the horizon line is always at the same height. Thanks to this small technical detail, these photographs now provide the basis for an extraordinary limited artist's edition.

The next step in Rosenkranz's artistic process makes use of a Xerox machine. The bottom half of one of these images is matched with a top half of a different one from the same city, resulting in an original artwork that only finds its final form through the process of photocopying. A selection of a near-infinite number of possible variations, these images in DIN A3 format formulate a new picture of the city in which social as well as architectural contexts and perspectives are upended and cast anew.

City Cut Off presents 81 of these double images in a large-format, ring-bound and embossed hardcover. The artworks are complemented with texts by Paris-based curator Andy Rankin and Swiss graphic designer Ludovic Balland.

Authors & Editors

"The book is oversized and brilliantly produced. …I would say it is as effective as art as a social criticism of the urban environment. It has my highest recommendation." Brad Feuerhelm, AMERICAN SUBURB X / ASX