Walter Mair vs. 03 Arch.

Walter Mair vs. 03 Arch.

A Dialogue Between Photography and Architecture

Photographer and architects in dialogue: images and reflections on photography, architecture and town construction.



Title Information

Photographs by Walter Mair. With an essay by Hubertus Adam and texts by Andreas Garkisch, Karin Schmid, and Michael Wimmer

1st edition

, 2013

Text English and German


60 pages, 20 color and 31 b/w illustrations and diagrams

24 x 31 cm

ISBN 978-3-906027-38-8


Munich-based 03 Architects have in recent years developed a distinctive way of working for urban spaces. No matter if the task is a warehouse for building materials, a kindergarten, or planning an entire new neighborhood, 03 Architects’ designs always look closely at the “narrative” qualities of the city.
For this book, the architects have invited the photographer Walter Mair for a dialogue on their work, concepts and methods. Mair documents 03 Architects' work with great sensitivity for their ideas, but also for the context which the buildings reflect and enable, and thereby reaches beyond the classic architectural documentation.

The architects respond to Mair’s images in brief, associative texts. An introductory essay on the fundamental questions and problems of architectural photography by the renowned architectural critic and curator Hubertus Adam rounds out this book with its particular haptic and manufacturing quality.



Shortlisted for the competition The most beautiful German Book 2014.


Designed by Bernd Kuchenbeiser.

Authors & Editors

Hubertus Adam

, born 1965, was director of Schweizerischen Architekturmuseums SAM in Basel from 2013–2015. He also works as an architctural critic and publicist.

Andreas Garkisch

Walter Mair

, born 1960, educated as a photographer at Zürich School of Art and Design (today Department of Art and Media, Zürich University of the Arts ZHdK) and as an architect at ETH Zurich.

Karin Schmid

Michael Wimmer