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    • Almost Nothing

    • Art works inspired by Mies van der Rohe by international artists such as Rita Ernst, Daniel Libeskind, Sarah Morris, Erwin Wurm, Rem Koolhaas, Konstantin Grcic, Kurt Schwitters, Carl Andre, Peter Eisenman, Isa Genzken, Alexander Calder, Thomas Ruff, Ed Ruscha, Thomas Schütte, Yves Klein, Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Dan Graham, and others.

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      • Mar 2019 CHF 49.00 | eur 48.00
    • City Lust

    • Charlie Koolhaas looks at the traces of constantly changing global economy: intercontinental markets; the chiffres of pop culture and of merchandizing; the brokers trading goods around the planet; and male and female role models in context with business-driven relationships.

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      • Apr 2019 CHF 59.00 | eur 58.00
    • Non-Referential Architecture

    • The new revised edition of Valerio Olgiati's and Markus Breitschmid's widely acclaimed manifesto for a new approach in architecture in a world free of ideologies and, therefore, references: a must-read for anyone interested in architecture today

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      • Apr 2019 CHF 25.00 | eur 25.00
    • Poolology of Housing

    • A compendium of images and typologies, complied by Zurich-based pool Architekten and drawing on twenty years' experience in housing design.

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      • Mar 2019 CHF 75.00 | eur 68.00
    • Staging Space

    • How do interactive and new media change spaces and affect our movements?

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      • May 2019 CHF 49.00 | eur 48.00
    • Totalization

    • An insight into Rice School of Architecture’s innovative and inspirational Totalization Studio program, preparing students for the quintessentially generalist task of their future profession

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      • May 2019 CHF 49.00 | eur 48.00