Tom Haller – Nuggets

Tom Haller – Nuggets

American Landscapes

An outsider’s view on the American landscape and how it reflects the state of the country’s society



Title Information

Photographs by Tom Haller. With a text by Christian Seiler

1st edition

, 2019

Text German and English


112 pages, 55 color illustrations

28 x 22 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-602-3


Swiss photographer Tom Haller has gained wide recognition for his work in portraiture and reportage. Less well known, but equally arresting, are the landscapes Haller has produced during his travels throughout the United States over the course of nearly three decades. His photographs of America—of prairies, mountains, roads and the buildings lining them, motels, stadiums, shops, and abandoned cars—display a traveler’s detached, inquisitive, perspective, with Haller directing his gaze at subjects while simultaneously depicting both the promise of these landscapes and the limits to the dreams they inspire.
Tom Haller—Nuggets compiles a selection of his American landscapes that reflecting the state of the country and the feelings and experiences of its people. Taking Haller’s images as his starting point, Christian Seiler draws on his own extensive travels throughout the United States to explore the artist’s intentions and the mood of the country as a whole.

Authors & Editors

Tom Haller

 is a Zurich-based photographer, working as a freelancer with
a special interest in portraiture and reportage.

Christian Seiler

 lives and works in Vienna as a freelance journalist,
writer, and editor, contributing to various daily and weekly newspapers
and magazines in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.