Fuseli – The Wild Swiss

Fuseli – The Wild Swiss

This lavishly illustrated volume examines the complete oeuvre of Henry Fuseli, who was famous for his romantic illustrations of the works of William Shakespeare and John Milton.


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Title Information

Essays by Franziska Lentzsch, Christoph Becker, Christian Klemm, and Bernhard von Waldkirch

1st edition

, 2005


272 pages, 185 color and 29 b/w illustrations

22 x 27 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-703-7

In cooperation with Kunsthaus Zürich


In England, Henry Fuseli (1741–1825) was known as the “Wild Swiss”, but he was nevertheless seen as a very British artist, famous for his illustrations of the works of William Shakespeare and John Milton.
Fuseli—The Wild Swiss explores the work of this romantic artist from the perspective of his Swiss countrymen. This lavishly illustrated collection examines Fuseli’s most famous paintings, populated by elemental spirits, goblins, and other deliciously strange creatures, as well as the artist’s early sketches, his monumental historical paintings, and his rarely seen erotic drawings. Accompanying the illustrations are biographical and critical essays that trace Fuseli’s own evolution—from his forced emigration from Switzerland at twenty-five, after publishing a volatile pamphlet against a local magistrate, to his later activities as a member of the British Royal Academy of Arts.
Fuseli—The Wild Swiss is the most comprehensive volume ever published on this master of the fantastic and will appeal to anyone interested in neoclassical British art.


The book was published to coincide with exhibitions at the Kunsthaus Zürich and London’s Tate Britain.


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Authors & Editors

Christoph Becker

Christian Klemm

, born 1946, is a scholar of art history. After working at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden 1979–80 and Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf 1980–81, he has been curator of Kunsthaus Zürich's permanent collection 1982–2011 and the museum's deputy director 1995–2011. He is director of the Zürich-based Alberto Giacometti Foundation.

Franziska Lentzsch

Martin Myrone

Bernhard von Waldkirch

 studied art history and German and Romance literature and linguistics. He has been working as a research assistant at Kunsthaus Zürich 1985–98 and as the museum's curator of prints and drawings since 1998.