Photo Mosaic Switzerland

Photo Mosaic Switzerland

The Archive of the Image Agency Comet Photo AG

A country’s rapid changes documented by an outstanding press image agency.



Title Information

Georg Kreis. Edited by Michael Gasser and Nicole Graf

1st edition

, 2015

Text English and German


232 pages, 74 color and 134 b/w illustrations

20 x 26 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-465-4

Pictorial Worlds: Photographs from the Image Archive, ETH-Bibliothek. Vol. 5


The photo agency Comet Photo AG was founded in Zurich in 1952 by Swiss photographers Hans Gerber, Bjorn Eric Lindroos, and Jack Metzger with the aim of supplying media and businesses with images of Zurich. Quickly, however, the agency expanded its reach to all of Switzerland.

This book presents two hundred images from the heyday of Comet Photo in the 1960s and ’70s. Emphasizing the rapid changes Switzerland underwent in those years, the selection of photographs in the book covers cities and countryside, industry and agriculture, celebrities and fashion, and major public events. Together, they offer an unforgettable, stylish portrait of Switzerland in a period of dynamic change and growth.


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Authors & Editors

Michael Gasser

 is head of the archives at ETH-Bibliothek in Zürich.

Nicole Graf

 is head of the Image Archive, ETH-Bibliothek in Zürich.

Georg Kreis

 has been a professor of modern and Swiss history at University of Basel 1986–2008.