T.F.T. Müllenbach

T.F.T. Müllenbach

Moments of irritation: The oeuvre of Thomas Müllenbach.



Title Information

Edited by Beatrix Ruf. With contributions by Elke Bippus, Thomas Müllenbach, Beatrix Ruf, and Juri Steiner

1st edition

, 2015

Text English and German


136 pages, 53 color illustrations

22 x 33 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-458-6

In cooperation with Kunsthalle Zürich


German-born artist Thomas Müllenbach plays with our everyday perception of the normal and well-known and undermines our collective ideas of sense, value, and purpose of the visible world. To this end, the now Zürich-based artist explores the discipline of art history and puts the possibilities and limits of painting up for discussion.

This lavishly illustrated new monograph features a range of Thomas Müllenbach’s paintings and drawings. Published in conjunction with an exhibition at Kunsthalle Zürich, it focuses on Müllenbach’s more recent works, many of which he created especially for this show. Essays by Elke Bippus and Juri Steiner and a conversation between curator Beatrix Ruf and Thomas Müllenbach complement the illustrations.

Authors & Editors

Elke Bippus

 is a professor of theory and history of art at Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK since 2006.

Thomas Müllenbach

, born 1949, lives and works as an artist in Zürich. He is also a professor of painting at Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK.

Beatrix Ruf

 is director of Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum. She has been director of Kunsthalle Zürich 2001–14.

Juri Steiner

, born 1969, studied art history, German literature, and philosophy at University of Zürich. He lives and works is a freelance publicist and curator in Switzerland. He was Director of Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern 2006–10.