Better Safe Than Sorry  –  Wiedemann Mettler

Better Safe Than Sorry – Wiedemann Mettler

Is it merely about safety? wiedemann/mettler re-interpret the story of Noah's Ark to symbolize our longing for rescue.



Title Information

With texts by Barbara Zürcher, Philipp Sarasin, and Ruth Schweikert

1st edition

, 2014

Text English and German


92 pages, 76 color illustrations

24 x 30 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-440-1


Over the past thirty years, severe storms have swept over the entire Alpine region in short succession. The enormous masses of water they bring along combined with mankind interfering with nature increase the likelihood of more frequent natural disasters.

The artist duo wiedemann/mettler took up the story of Noah’s ark. As the Book of Genesis tells us, the great deluge came to obliterate humanity’s moral corruption. However, God bestowed mercy on Noah and asked him to build an ark that would save humankind and wildlife alike. wiedemann/mettler’s interpretation of this symbolic narrative comes under the title “better safe than sorry” and presents the topic of safety in all its ambivalence. This new book documents the installation “better safe than sorry” at House of Art Uri (on display June to August 2014) and other recent work by wiedemann/mettler.

Authors & Editors

Daniel Mettler

, born 1965, graduated in architecture from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich). He lives and works as an architect and independent artist in Zürich.

Philipp Sarasin

, born 1956, is a professor of modern history at University of Zürich.

Ruth Schweikert

, born 1965 in Lörrach, Germany, is a freelance writer and novellist.

Pascale Wiedemann

, born 1966, was educated at the School of Art and Design Zurich, Switzerland, (product design) and School of Applied Arts in Vienna (set design). She lives and works as an independent artist in Zürich.

Barbara Zürcher

 is director and curator at House of Art Uri in Altdorf, Switzerland.