The Tie

The Tie

A Global History

A global history of the quintessential men’s accessory for men (and women) of style and fashionistas.


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Title Information

Edited by the Swiss National Museum

1st edition

, 2014


280 pages, 148 color and 25 b/w illustrations

26 x 34 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-758-7


The tie reveals a lot about its wearer, his social position, his aesthetic tastes or political stance. From the 17th to the early 20th century, a diverse combination of fabrics, colors and knots adorned the male – and occasionally also the female – neck. Today, the accessory is re-interpreted, traditions are questioned, and the appropriate context for wearing a tie is reconsidered. The tie is evidently back in fashion, with TV series such as ‘Mad Men’ or the modern ‘James Bond’, Daniel Craig, fuelling this trend.

Switzerland’s, and in particular Zürich’s, textile designers, silk traders, and weaving mills supply their products to fashion houses and other makers of ties around the world. This new book draws on the vast archives of the Swiss National Museum, which keeps the legacy of a number of vanished companies that have built the fame of Switzerland’s silk industry. Coinciding with a major exhibition at Landesmuseum Zürich (September 2014 to January 2015), The Tie: A Global History features a wealth of images documenting the history of the neck tie, but also of designers’ and manufacturers’ sample collections, art works. Essays are contributed by international authors including scholars, fashion critics, and journalists. A photo essay by Swiss photographer Walter Pfeiffer rounds out this beautiful volume.


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Authors & Editors

Francina Chiara

Markus Ebner

Andrea Franzen

Anna Lisa Galizia

 is an art historian specializing in textiles and fashion. She has been curator of the collection of textiles, costume, jewelry, and toys at Swiss National Museum Zürich since 2013.

Joya Tiziana Indermühle

Thomas Isler

Leonard R. Koss

Alan Prada

Alexis Schwarzenbach

Christina Sonderegger

Andreas Spillmann

Luca Tori

Nic Ulmi

Philip Ursprung

, born 1963, read art history, history, and German literature and linguistics at the universitries of Geneva, Vienna and Berlin. He has been a professor of modern and contemporary art at University of Zürich 2005–11 and a professor of histroy of art and architecture at ETH Zurich since 2011.

Martin Widmer


«A book to study and understand the joy the makers of this well-printed and -bound book had in this humble fashion accessory and statement.» Alexandra van der Burght,