Friedrich Kuhn

Friedrich Kuhn

The Painter as Outlaw 1926–1972

This book reassesses the paintings Friedrich Kuhn, a leading painter in the Swiss pop art movement.



Title Information

Edited by Bice Curiger. Essays by Bice Curiger, Caroline Kesser, and Louis Jent

1st edition

, 2008

Text English and German


168 pages, 120 color and 45 b/w illustrations

20 x 27.5 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-245-2

In cooperation with Kunsthaus Zürich


Friedrich Kuhn was a leading painter in the Swiss pop art movement of the 1950s and ‘60s, often called the “Zürich School of the Little Mad World.” Kuhn’s unusual work showcases his desire to create an individual style of painting that lies between figurative and abstract, while being laced with idiosyncratic references to modern and popular culture. Kuhn’s reputation as a raucous maverick has often overshadowed serious interpretations of his work; Friedrich Kuhn allows us for the first time to consider both the legend and the art in context.

Published to accompany a 2009 exhibition of Kuhn’s work at the Kunsthaus Zürich, this richly illustrated book reassesses Kuhn’s paintings as early ambassadors of Swiss art that prefigured trends that continue to shape the international art world today. Including many previously unpublished paintings and photographs of Kuhn’s art and performances, the book also presents essays by Bice Curiger, Caroline Kesser, and Louis Jent that investigate Kuhn’s work and the myths surrounding his life story. The only book available on this early pioneer of pop art, Friedrich Kuhn is of interest to art historians and collectors alike.

Authors & Editors

Bice Curiger

Louis Jent

Caroline Kesser