Roman Signer. Vernissage

Roman Signer. Vernissage

This vibrantly illustrated volume features a selection of cards and advertisements for 150 Roman Signer exhibitions since 1973.



Title Information

With a foreword by Roland Wäspe. Idea Max Mettler, concept Roman Signer and Peter Zimmermann

1st edition

, 2008

Text English and German


324 pages, 331 colour und 40 b/w illustrations

30.5 x 24 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-224-7


Roman Signer (*1938) is one of Switzerland’s most internationally recognized contemporary artists. Signer has created a vast and enigmatic oeuvre marked by his use of a diverse array of materials, including water, sand, explosives, and vehicles. Published in 2008 to celebrate the seventieth birthday of this extraordinary artist, Roman Signer. Vernissage is an exploration of the cards Signer used to promote his exhibitions.

This vibrantly illustrated volume, published to mark his 70th anniversary, features a selection of cards and advertisements for 150 Roman Signer exhibitions, from his first in the gallery of Wilma Lock in St. Gallen in 1973 to his 2008 opening at the Rochester Art Center in Minneapolis. Each card reflects the artistic sensibilities of its era, and together the cards form an amusing and playful tour through the last thirty years of art history. Also included in Roman Signer. Vernissage are photographs, Signer’s sketches for potential projects, and film stills from past projects. Essayist Roland Wäspe expands upon the visual narrative with his examination of the development of and dominant subject topics in Signer’s work, and how the invitation cards and materials reflect his aesthetic ideals.

A marvelous journey through contemporary art, Roman Signer. Vernissage is an essential volume for art lovers and graphic designers alike.

Authors & Editors

Max Mettler

Roman Signer

Roland Wäspe

Peter Zimmermann