Media Arts Zurich

Media Arts Zurich

13 Positions from the New Media Program

Media Arts Zurich offers an overview of Swiss media art today.



Title Information

Edited by the Department of Art & Media. Compiled by Christian Hübler, Nils Röller, Felix Stalder, Yvonne Wilhelm

1st edition

, 2008

Text English and German


304 pages, 116 color and 418 b/w illustrations, 1 DVD

17 x 22.5 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-210-0

Yearbook 3 Department of Art & Media, Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK


Media art is one of the most exciting experimental fields to emerge in contemporary art in recent years—and yet its innovations have been sparsely documented. Media Arts Zurich, the third yearbook published by the Department of Art & Media at the Zurich University of the Arts, seeks to fill this gap, offering an illuminating overview of the Swiss media art scene in recent years. This book examines the varying approaches, techniques, and strategies of acclaimed media artists as well as the public reception of their work.
Accompanied by a companion DVD and four hundred lavish illustrations, this volume presents thirteen individual artists and groups in the context of their backgrounds, exhibitions, and the state of European media art. Two essays by leading art and media historians position these young media artists in the international art world and document the first ten years and visions for the future of the media art program at the Zurich University of the Arts and its predecessor, the School of Art and Design Zurich. Richly illustrated and deeply informed, Media Arts Zurich points the way to a new European avant-garde.


Essays by Inke Arns and Andreas Broekmann, preface by Giaco Schiesser. Photographs by Schaub Stierli.

Authors & Editors

Inke Arns

Andreas Broeckmann

Christian Hübler

Nils Röller

Schaub Stierli

Giaco Schiesser

Felix Stalder

Yvonne Wilhelm