Nesa Gschwend—Memories of Textiles

Nesa Gschwend—Memories of Textiles

Nesa Gschwend merges tradition with avant-garde to create a timeless image of the human condition



Title Information

Edited by Roland Scotti. With contributions by Stefania Pitscheider and Roland Scotti

1st edition

, 2020

Text German and English


144 pages, 108 color illustrations

19.5 x 25 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-674-0

In cooperation with Heinrich Gebert Kulturstiftung Appenzell, Kunstmuseum Appenzell / Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte


Swiss artist Nesa Gschwend, born 1959 in St. Gallen, merges traditional crafts, such as embroidery, knotting, and sewing, with avant-garde and performative artistic techniques. Widely recognized as one of Switzerland’s most distinguished contemporary artists, her art also combines craft with philosophy. Her textile works, material collages, videos, installations, and participatory performances transform individual lived stories into tangible metaphors for collective memory, for human existence itself.

This new book, published in conjunction with an exhibition at Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte in Appenzell, Switzerland, features recent work by Nesa Gschwend. The essays explore her approach and describe her humanistic aspiration to transform existential questions into aesthetic reflection.

Roland Scotti is a scholar of art history and director of Kunstmuseum Appenzell and Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte in Appenzell, Switzerland.

Authors & Editors

"The book takes us into the fascinating work of the artist born in St. Gallen." Stephan Demmrich, WOHN!DESIGN


"Textile art was long overshadowed by established art forms such as painting or sculpture. For some years now, however, it has been experiencing a real boom. The Swiss artist Nesa Gschwend has been working with threads and fabrics for a long time, as this book documents." Noëmi Gradwohl, SRF