Silvia Buol

Silvia Buol

Watercolors and Drawings

First book on Swiss artist and dancer Silvia Buol’s visual art



Title Information

With texts by Konrad Tobler and Martin Zingg

1st edition

, 2019

Text English and German


80 pages, 69 color and 3 b/w illustrations

34 x 48 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-657-3


Swiss artist Silvia Buol, born 1954, studied fine arts and contemporary dance, and from the outset of her career she has been working in both disciplines simultaneously. Her large-format works on paper reflect a rich experience with space and movement, landscape and nature, becoming and decay. They express her constant dialogue with movement and volume of her own body as well as with the character and properties of colors, papers, and fabrics she is using. This beautifully manufactured, object-like book features for the first time a selection of Buol’s visual art alongside essays by scholar and critic Konrad Tobler and by writer Martin Zingg.

Authors & Editors

Silvia Buol

Konrad Tobler

 is a freelance publicist and art and architecture critic based in Bern.

Martin Zingg

 lives and works in Basel as a writer and literary educator.