Photography, Made in Zurich

Photography, Made in Zurich

This volume, published to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Zurich University of the Arts’ photography department, documents the program’s art world niche and showcases the work of its famous graduates.



Title Information

Edited by Thomas Weski with Department Media & Art, Photography Program, hgk Zurich. With Essays by Martin Jaeggi and Thomas Weski

1st edition

, 2007

Text English and German


288 pages, 242 colour illustrations

22 x 27 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-187-5

Yearbook 2 Department Media & Art, hgkz


Is there such a thing as a unique “Zurich photography”? Is it possible that a photographic viewpoint distinguishable from the rest of contemporary photography can develop from a particular place? Published to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Zurich University of the Arts’ Department of Photography, Photography, Made in Zurich documents how the illustrious program forged a niche in the international art world and cultivated Switzerland’s foremost photographers, including internationally renowned artists such as Werner Bischof, René Burri, and Ernst Scheidegger.
This lavishly illustrated volume reproduces the work of over forty students from the past two decades, including such younger stars as Olaf Breuning, Katrin Freisager, Marianne Müller, and Shirana Shahbazi. Their photographs are accompanied by essays that probe the unconventional atmosphere and avant-garde teaching philosophies that helped establish the “Zurich School’s” creative reputation. Photography, Made in Zurich will delight all followers of twentieth-century photography and the electrifying world of contemporary art.

Authors & Editors

Departement Medien & Kunst, Studienbereich Fotografie, hgk Zürich

Martin Jaeggi

Thomas Weski