Light Scripture

Light Scripture

Analog Reflections in Photography

Andreas Greber explores aesthetics and properties of analogue photography in the digital age



Title Information

Photographs by Andreas Greber. Texts by Konrad Tobler

1. edition

, 2019

Text English and German


88 pages, 25 color and 8 b/w illustrations

20.5 x 33 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-633-7


Light Scripture collects three photo essays by Swiss photographer Andreas
. Created over the course of two decades, Greber’s photographs show simple scenes, such as fragments of a wall, translucent portraits, and wooded landscapes. Yet they are enigmatic and unsettling in that, while visible, their subjects escape the determination of shadow and light. For Greber, this is the essence of photography: inscribing with light.

Presented in a dual English-German edition, Light Scripture brings together thirty-three of Greber’s photographs in a beautiful, large-format book. It takes readers through the artist’s process in the creation of the series, which explores the aesthetics and properties of photography with a special focus on how recent shifts in photography during the digital age call for a revaluation of its classic analog variety. Greber’s photographs are complemented by an essay by art critic Konrad Tobler.

Authors & Editors

Andreas Greber

 is a photographer and artist who lives and works in Berne.