Fawad Kazi

Fawad Kazi

ETH Zurich LEE Building

An addition to Zürich’s Crown of the City: New building LEE for ETH Zurich



Title Information

Edited by Christoph Wieser

1st edition

, 2015

Text English and German


248 pages, 196 color and 86 b/w illustrations and plans

32.5 x 21.5 cm

ISBN 978-3-906027-82-1


In 2014, ETH Zurich unveiled LEE, a stunning addition to the historic university district commonly known as the “crown of the city.” Ten years in the making, LEE is the culmination of plans by the young architect Fawad Kazi, who was chosen in a public competition. A monument to architecture and urban planning, LEE’s ten stories and three mezzanines offer innovative new office and teaching spaces while simultaneously enhancing the urban surroundings.

Fawad Kazi: ETH Zurich Building LEE fully documents the realization of this extraordinary project with contributions from the client, ETH Zurich; the engineers; and the architect himself. Richly illustrated with images by photographers Georg Aerni and Rolf Steinegger as well as many plans, the book includes a comprehensive documentation of the entire building, including many technical details and three hundred plans and images—most in full color. Among the topics discussed are the construction challenges posed by the massive precast concrete structure, the role of sustainability in the new building, and LEE’s tremendously successful integration into its urban context.

Authors & Editors

Georg Aerni

 (born 1959, Winterthur), Photographer and artist. Diploma in Architecture ETH Zurich in 1986. Numerous solo and group exhibitions, fellowships and awards. In 2011 his book Sites & Signs was published by Scheidegger & Spiess publishers.

Adrian Altenburger

, born 1963, is a buildings systems engineer and a partner and director with Amstein + Walthert AG Engineering and Consulting since 1999.

Patrick Altermatt

, born 1967, is a landscape architect and a partner with Hager PArtner AG Landscape Architects in Zürich and Berlin.

Johannes Binotto

Roman Bouteillier

, born 1950, is a Professor for Innovation and Technology Management at ETH Zürich. He graduated in mathematics from ETH Zürich and Imperial College London. He held various position in industry and has taught as a Professor for Innovation and Logistics at University of St. Gallen HSG.

Stéphane Braune

, born 1969, is a structural engineer and a partner with Walt + Galmarini Engineers in Zürich. He graduated in engineering from ETH Zürich and did his Executive MBA degree in Rochester (USA) and Bern.

Marianne Burkhalter

 is an architect and co-founder of Zurich-based Burkhalter Sumi Architects. He taught as a professor at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland, 2008–2016 and held appointments as visiting professor at EPFL in Lausanne, Harvard GSD, University of Geneva, and University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

Carlo Galmarini

, born 1952, is a structural engineer and partner with Walt + Galmarini Engineers in Zürich. He graduated in engineering from ETH Zürich and has done his MBA degree at Nother Illinois University in DeKalb.

Daniel Gsell

, born 1971, is a structural engineer and a member of the executive committee at Walt + Galmarini Engineers in Zürich.

Gian-Marco Jenatsch

, born 1971, is an architect and member of executive managment at Staufer & Hasler Architects in Zürich and Frauenfeld. He also teaches at Zurich University of Applied Sciences' Urban Landscape Institute in Winterthur.

Otto Kapfinger

 is a freelance architectural scientist and publicist in Vienna who has had numerous publications and has held many lectures.

Fawad Kazi

, born 1971 in London, is an architect and runs his own studio in Zürich since 2001. He graduated from ETH Zürich an Columbia University, New York.

Hans Kollhoff

, born 1946, founded Kollhoff Architects in Berlin in 1978, with subsidiaries in Rotkreuz, Rotterdam, and Florence. He studied at University of Karlsruhe and Technische Universität Vienna. He taught as a Professor of Architecture and Technology at ETH Zürich 1990–2012 and as a Visiting Professor at Cornell and Syracuse Universities in the US and at Universität der Künste in Berlin.

Benedikt Loderer

Patrik Stierli

, born 1975, is abuilding systems engineer and a partner with Amstein + Walthert AG Engineering and Consulting in Zürich. He has been a lecturer in the Masters degree program in architecture at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW in Basel.

Christian C. Straub

, born 1961, graduated in architecture from ETH Zürich. He works as a project manager at ETH Zürich's real estate development department.

Jürgen Tietz

, born 1964, is a scholar of art history and lives and works in Berlin as a feelance puclicist in architecture and the preservation of historic monuments.

Christoph Wieser

 took his degree in architecture from ETH Zurich and a has done his PhD at the Ecole Polytéchnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). He works as an architectural critic and researcher and also lectures a various Swiss universities of applied sciences.