Water Urbanisms – East

Water Urbanisms – East

A survey on urbanistic aspects of water in dwelled regions of Asia.


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Title Information

Edited by Kelly Shannon and Bruno de Meulder

1st edition

, 2013


256 pages, 431 color and 34 b/w illustrations

22.5 x 22.5 cm

ISBN 978-3-906027-25-8

UFO: Explorations of Urbanism 3


In Water Urbanisms East, a selection of the world’s leading experts on urbanism reflect on the changing role that water plays in cities. They investigate the possible consequences of global warming on urban water supplies, including new problems with drought and flooding, as well as the new pressures of dealing with storm waters and basin management. This book is organized in three sections, each of which explores urban water use through a particular theme. Contemporary Positions examines a broad array of specific modern water projects. Re-visiting/Re-editing Urban Water Projects studies the history of water urbanisms from around the world in light of today’s challenges and research. Explorations & Speculations: Excerpts on Water Urbanisms looks at the role of design in urban water infrastructures. This richly illustrated book offers a wide-ranging account of the myriad roles water plays in our modern city centers.


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Authors & Editors

Kendall Baldwin

Jessica Bristow

Niels Buys

Jenny C. Chou

Stefanie Dens

Daan Derden

Ben Dirickx

Tran Tien Dung

Guido Geenen

Rana Sadat Habibi

Haley Heard

Toshikazu Ishida

Esther Jacobs

Saman Jamal

Janet Kao

Amber Kevelaerts

Moravid Khorramirad

Cesar Madrigal

Brian McGrath

Bruno de Meulder

 is professor in the Department of Architecture, Urbanism, and Planning at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium.

Matteo Motti

Laura Nagels

Annelis De Nijs

Connor O'Brien

Isabelle Putseys

Linde van Reeth

Jörg Retkittke

Laura Rijsbosch

Artur Shakhazyan

Kelly Shannon

 is professor at the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Tersdak Tachakitkachorn

Danai Thitakoo

Nguyen Chi Thung

Pham Anh Tuan

Julia Watson

Evelyne Wauters

Kevin Wei

Pei-Chun Wen

Kongjian Yu