Contrast and Cohesion

Contrast and Cohesion

G8A Architects

Housing developments, office blocks, recreation parks, high-tech research and production plants, or the ICRC's visitor center: contrasting locations and conceptual cohesion in their designs are reflected in this first monograph on G8A Architects



Title Information

Edited by G8A Architects. With texts and photographs by Patrick Bingham-Hall

1st edition

, 2019


260 pages, 124 multicolor, 22 monochrome, and 8 b/w illustrations

20 x 27 cm

ISBN 978-3-03860-144-9


Founded in 2007, G8A Architects gained rapid renown for its projects in Switzerland. Drawn to new opportunities in Southeast Asia, founding partners Manuel Der Hagopian and Grégoire Du Pasquier soon expanded the firm’s operations to include an office in Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi, where they now attract a range of commissions in a completely new environment. In 2010, upon winning the commission for a major public housing development in Singapore that set them amongst a new generation of designers for residential projects in the region, they also opened a branch in the booming city state.

The first book to document G8A Architects’ achievements to date, Contrast and Cohesion reflects the firm’s work in these starkly contrasting parts of the world. Featuring twenty-seven of the firm’s projects through drawings, photographs, plans, and descriptive texts, the book also brings together essays that expand on the different concerns and challenges that accompany the creation of architecture in Central Europe and Southeast Asia. Climatically, culturally, and economically, the rapidly growing cities of Southeast Asia are a world away, but Der Hagopian and Du Pasquier pursue a strategy of cohesion, which seeks to resolve the contrasts between East and West with resulting benefits for both.

Authors & Editors

Patrick Bingham-Hall

, born 1958, is a British-Australian architectural photographer, writer, and publisher. His photographic work is regularly featured in leading design publications. He has authored and contributed to numerous books, and founded his own publishing company Pesaro Publishing in 1999.

G8A Architects

 emerged in 2007 from Geneva-based architectural collective group8, when Manuel Der Hagopian and Grégoire Du Pasquier expanded their own mutual activities to Asia and opened a studio in Hanoi, Vietnam. Today, the firm operates with four offices in Geneva, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Singapore.