Alberto Giacometti—Sculpture in Plaster

Alberto Giacometti—Sculpture in Plaster


Ernst Scheidegger documents in photographs Giacometti’s works in plaster and offers personal commentary on his friendship with the sculptor.


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Title Information

Ernst Scheidegger. With a contribution by Christian Klemm

1st edition

, 2006


120 pages, 114 b/w illustrations

20 x 23 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-705-1


Sculptors have long been fascinated, even seduced, by the possibilities of the human body. From classical Greece’s Doryphoros to Michelangelo’s David, the nude has captivated artists and viewers alike with its simplicity and power. One of the most arresting interpreters of the human form is Alberto Giacometti (1901–66), renowned for haunting nudes so prophetic for the moderns that they were claimed by the surrealist, existentialist, formalist, and expressionist movements in turn. Now, intensely personal photographs of Giacometti’s work are available for the first time in print in Ernst Scheidegger’s Alberto Giacometti – Sculpture in Plaster.
Scheidegger presents photographs he took at Giacometti’s Paris studio and family home in Switzerland. These striking images document Giacometti’s little-seen work in plaster, the intermediate stage of his artistic process before the final bronze casting. They also vividly evoke how the sculptor worked and offer unique insight into Giacometti’s creative process. Scheidegger’s images are accompanied by a personal memoir of his friendship with the artist and an essay by curator Christian Klemm on Giacometti’s sculptural work. This rich collection of photographs provides a surprising new perspective on the way that Giacometti gave his artistic vision physical form.


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Authors & Editors

Christian Klemm

, born 1946, is a scholar of art history. After working at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden 1979–80 and Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf 1980–81, he has been curator of Kunsthaus Zürich's permanent collection 1982–2011 and the museum's deputy director 1995–2011. He is director of the Zürich-based Alberto Giacometti Foundation.

Ernst Scheidegger

 (1923–2016). After attending the photography class at Zurich School of Art and Design, he worked as a freelance photographer for the Magnum agency. He taught at the School of Design in Ulm and established a school of design in Ahmedabad in India. He was picture editor at the Neue Zürcher Zeitung 1960–1988 and has also been active as a painter, documentary film-maker, gallery owner, book designer, and publisher. He was the founder of Scheidegger & Spiess Publishers.