In Good Light

In Good Light

In spring of 2007 Roger Eberhard photographed people who had lost their jobs and were homeless—and in the process formed relationships manifest in the portraits.



Title Information

Photographs by Roger Eberhard. With a foreword by Karen Sinsheimer and an essay by Bernhard Schlink

1st edition

, 2011

Text English and German


64 pages, 30 b/w illustrations

28.5 x 30 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-328-2


“To be perceived, to be the way you want to be perceived, to recognize yourself through the perception of others—that is what nourishes dignity.”—Bernard Schlink

Swiss-born photographer Roger Eberhard’s (*1984) series of images In Good Light, which comprises dozens of thoughtful portraits of people affected by homelessness, has particular relevance in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and in the midst of the ongoing economic turmoil. In spring of 2007 Eberhard, then a student at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, encountered a vast number of people, many of whom had suddenly lost their jobs and were living in their cars or on the street. He invited them into his studio to be photographed—and in the process formed relationships that are evident in the portraits. Eberhard’s entire series of photographs is now held in the permanent collection of Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

In Good Light shows a sensitive and respectful approach to difficult situations of life and features impressive personalities who have maintained their dignity and self-respect despite the struggle of living on the edge of society. Eberhard’s images are complemented in this book by an introduction from curator Karen Sinsheimer and a literary essay by the celebrated German novelist Bernhard Schlink.


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Authors & Editors

Bernhard Schlink

Karen Sinsheimer