Motion Mobility

Motion Mobility

The Austrian Mobility Club Headquarters

ÖAMTC's new headquarters in Vienna: a model for collaborative project development between client, architects, engineers, designers, strategic cosultants, and users.



Title Information

Matthias Boeckl, Wojciech Czaja

1st edition

, 2017

Text English and German


192 pages, 250 color and 56 b/w illustrations

23 x 28 cm

ISBN 978-3-03860-072-5


The new Vienna headquarters of ÖAMTC, Austria’s motorists association, emerged from an interdisciplinary process from choosing a suitable site to completion. Created in close collaboration of the client, architects Pichler & Traupmann, engineers FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner, and strategic consultants M.O.O.CON together with Nofrontiere Design agency and SIDE Studio for Information Design, it is a highly innovative structure in terms of design and technology. Moreover, the building sets new standards as well for corporate culture and working environments.

This new book tells the entire story of the new ÖAMTC complex. It documents the project comprehensively and lavishly illustrated with images, plans, and diagrams. The essays look at the project’s complex genesis and the architectural concept, completed by interviews with the clients, architects, and with users and visitors of the building. A glance at the history of comparable “houses of speed” and a photo essay on the topic of mobility round out this book on this unique and exemplary multi-functional structure.

Authors & Editors

Matthias Boeckl

 is editor-in-chief of Austrian architecture magazine architektur.aktuell. He also works as a freelance publicicst and curator and teaches at Vienna’s University of Applied Arts.

Wojciech Czaja

 is a Vienna-based architect and freelance publicist, contributing to various daily and weekly newspapers and magazines. He also teaches at Vienna’s University of Applied Arts and works as a moderator in the field of urban culture and architecture.