House of Switzerland

House of Switzerland

A Dictionary of Elements

Innovative Swiss timber architecture on tour around the world.



Title Information

Edited by Christoph Wieser

1st edition

, 2016

Text English and German

2 parts, paperback

240 pages in total, 141 color and 30 b/w illustrations and plans

22 x 31 cm

ISBN 978-3-906027-81-4


The House of Switzerland is a mobile building that serves as the official visitors’ center for Switzerland at major international events. Following its debut at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the building went on to serve events in Zurich, Milan, and Rio de Janeiro.

This book takes a close look at the architectural and design challenges presented by a building that has to be mobile, accessible, and visually striking. Drawing on materials from the planning process conducted by Switzerland’s Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the architectural firm Spillmann Echsle Architects, which built the house together with Ortreport scenographers, the book presents a dictionary of all elements in the building set for the house, illustrated with images and plans rendered with rich technical detail. A discussion between the key figures involved in the project rounds out the book, exploring the process of creating such an iconic representation of a nation abroad.

With contributions by Annette Spillmann and Harald Echsle, Nicolas Bideau, Alex Hanimann, Max Küng, Hannes Nussbaumer, Gudrun Sachse, Philip Ursprung, Christoph Wieser, and Gunda Zeeb, and a conversation between Annette Spillmann and Harald Echsle, Nicolas Bideau and Christoph Wieser.

Authors & Editors

Nicolas Bideau

Harald Echsle

Alex Hanimann

Max Küng

Hannes Nussbaumer

Gudrun Sachse

Annette Spillmann

Philip Ursprung

, born 1963, read art history, history, and German literature and linguistics at the universitries of Geneva, Vienna and Berlin. He has been a professor of modern and contemporary art at University of Zürich 2005–11 and a professor of histroy of art and architecture at ETH Zurich since 2011.

Christoph Wieser

 took his degree in architecture from ETH Zurich and a has done his PhD at the Ecole Polytéchnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). He works as an architectural critic and researcher and also lectures a various Swiss universities of applied sciences.

Gunda Zeeb