Hong Kong, Rome, New York, Buenos Aires. Review No. II

A powerful example of the unlimited potential for urban design: Typology offers a new point of view on municipal planning and architecture.


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Title Information

Edited by Emanuel Christ, Victoria Easton, Christoph Gantenbein. Essays by Emanuel Christ, Fernando Diez, Victoria Easton, Christoph Gantenbein, Francesco Garofalo, Carol Herselle Krinsky, and Hendrik Tieben

1st edition

, 2012

Text English and German


208 pages, 50 color and 892 b/w illustrations and plans

24.5 x 32.5 cm

ISBN 978-3-906027-01-2


In Typology more than one hundred and fifty buildings are documented through floor plans, axonometric projections, recent color photographs, and halftones. The buildings, many of them relatively unknown, were chosen in order to provide a basis for looking at metropolitan design in the twentieth century, and they show the patterns and differences found in architecture from around the world. Included are essays that provide meaningful context for the buildings and examine how local governments and zoning practices guide architecture.


Named one of the Most Beautiful German Books 2013.

Designed by Ludovic Balland.


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Authors & Editors

Emanuel Christ

Fernando Diez

Victoria Easton

Christoph Gantenbein

Francesco Garofalo

Carol Herselle Krinsky

Hendrik Tieben