Ritual / Original

Ritual / Original


“Architecture never is merely architecture and never by architects only!” Georg Driendl



Title Information

Edited by Georg and Franz Driendl. With texts by Georg, Franz, and Andrea Driendl, Kathrin Turanitz, and Ursula Aichwalder

1st edition

, 2018


388 pages, 262 color and 51 b/w illustrations

20 x 26 cm

ISBN 978-3-03860-120-3


Since its establishment in 1996, Vienna-based driendl*architects have search for prototypical solutions in the fields of infrastructure and furniture, building, and urban design. The understanding that we are always situated within the built environment is a thread running through each of the firm’s individual projects, as well as between the chapters of this new book, the first on Driendl*Architects’s vision and work.

Ritual / Original looks at two decades of work by driendl*architects. During this time, our environment has changed rapidly and significantly, and this is reflected in the evolution of the ideas and concepts that underlie the firm’s buildings and projects. Offering unparalleled insight into the inner workings of driendl*architects, the book explores selected designs and his the firm’s approach more broadly. Among the topics discussed are the ways the environment and inhabitants affect buildings, cities, infrastructures, and systems; the effect of inevitable discrepancies between vision and reality; and the capacity of architects to observe and react in their work to social structures and phenomena.


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Authors & Editors

Ursula Aichwalder

Andrea Driendl

Franz Driendl

Georg Driendl

Kathrin Turanitz