Architecture as Environment

Parc Architects

First book on the work and vision of Paris-based PARC Architects, featuring exemplary designs and installations at the interface of art and science


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Edited by Émeric Lambert and Brice Chapon

1st edition

, 2019

Text in English


88 pages, 71 color und 87 b/w illustrations

22.5 x 33 cm

ISBN 978-3-03860-150-0


Founded in 2009, Paris-based Parc Architectes has risen to prominence, winning awards and accolades in its native France and beyond. Just as important as its design work is Parc Architectes’s research on contemporary architecture and urbanism, laid out in the essay “Le Parc Planetaire (The Planetary Park)”, published in the firm’s own journal, PRAGMA, and on its blog, CRAPZINE.

This first book to focus on Parc Architectes, Architecture as environment features fifteen foundational designs by the firm, chosen to reflect the firm’s credo that the environment has to become a matter of architecture. At the interface of art and science, Parc Architectes’s designs are installations rather than mere structures, enabling adequate responses to contextual and conceptual issues in the construction of contemporary human environments. In addition to brief essays, the book also includes some 150 illustrations, including many in full color.


Named one of The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2019.


Designed by Atelier Muesli, Paris.


Edition française

Autoren & Herausgeber

Brice Chapon

 ist Architekt und Gründungspartner von PARC Architectes in Paris. Er unterrichtet an der École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris Val-de-Seine.

Émeric Lambert

 ist Architekt und Ingenieur und Gründungspartner von PARC Architectes in Paris. Er unterrichtet an der École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles.

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Historical image of the first extravehicular excursion by NASA astronaut Bruce McCandless II, February 7, 1984. © NASA

Meyzieu music conservatory, France, 2017. View from the patio. © Parc architectes © Artefactorylab

Office building in Batignolles neighborhood, Paris, France, 2014. Model of the fundamental structure. © Parc architectes © Thomas Lang

George Measom. View of the Interior of the Transept of the Crystal Palace, 1851

French Polynesian cultural center, Papeete, Tahiti, 2017. Positional map © Parc architectes

John C. H. Grabill A young Oglala girl sitting in front of a tipi with a puppy by her side, probably on or near the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, 1891

Housing units and nursery, Paris, Model, view of an entrance courtyard. Plans of the 3rd floor (nursery space), a standard floor, and the ground floor. © Parc architectes

Bondy auditorium and conservatory, France, 2014. View of the main façade © Parc architectes © 11h45


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