Christian Vogt

The Longer I Look

The first-ever comprehensive survey of Christian Vogt's photography, featuring work from all stages of his career



Title Information

Photographs by Christian Vogt. With a conversation between Martin Gasser and  Christian Vogt

1st edition

, 2017


264 pages, 210 color, 179 duotone, and 3 b/w illustrations

20 x 27.5 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-791-4


Christian Vogt has been working with photography for nearly fifty years. His ongoing dialogue with the medium has repeatedly given rise to a new image language, often putting him ahead of his time. Vogt’s work can be regarded as an exploration of vision: for him, an image is always are projection screen, as each observer reacts differently to what is shown.

Christian Vogt: The Longer I Look is the first monograph covering the entirety of his oeuvre. Some 350 images offer a comprehensive overview of Vogt’s conceptual work, his philosophical inquiries, and his capacity to visualize the “things behind things.” The book also features a brief introductory essay by Vogt himself and a conversation between the artist and curator Martin Gasser.

Authors & Editors

Martin Gasser

 is conservator of the permanent collection and curator at the Winterthur-based Fotostiftung Schweiz. He has written extensively and published various books on Swiss photographers and photoghraphy,

Christian Vogt

, born 1946, lives and works as a freelance photographic artist in Basel. His work has been featured in numerous national and international exhibitions and books.